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Primary School

Glenelg Country School’s Primary School enrolls children from age 2 through Kindergarten. In these formative years, we cultivate the habits of heart and mind that carry through a lifetime: an appetite for learning, a curiosity about the world, compassion for others, and confidence in individual abilities.

  • Little Dragons is an early learning program developed for children ages 2 and 3,
  • Pre-Kindergarten engages four-year-olds with hands-on learning and develop manners, self-confidence, and respect for others.
  • Kindergarten is where students gain the solid foundation in academics they will need in the early elementary grades.
Benefits of your child's Primary School experience:
  • Small classes/our own spaces. 
    In homerooms of 12 to 18 students, teachers create classes that fuel young minds. Our Primary School students are housed in their own building that includes nine classrooms, a Learning Lab, a computer lab, music room, art/science room, library, and a multipurpose room. 
  • Individualized instruction. 
    We meet each child where he or she is – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically – and respond with meaningful child-centered learning themes and experiences.
  • Hands-on learning. 
    When children begin to navigate a computer keyboard, learn to speak Spanish and French, create art or make music, run and play, or start to do math, they genuinely get caught up in the joy and momentum of learning. 
  • Thematic approaches. 
    Students discover how all learning is related as they become better readers, writers, and thinkers. Every day, they learn more about language arts, French or Spanish, social studies, science, art,music, computers, library skills, and physical education. 
  • Partnerships with parents. 
    We respond in many ways to individual parent needs, from providing opportunities to learn more about child development to offering extended care. Parents of Primary School students meet with teachers four times a year.
Most of all, we know that educational goals can be achieved in leaps and bounds as well as in small steps. So we guide our youngest students to the paths most appropriate to their achievement levels.
The Primary School years set the pattern – in substance as well as style – for all that follows.
Jennifer Schiller
Assistant Director of Admission, Primary and Lower Schools

Anne Wooleyhand
Head of Lower School

Paulette Ward
Lower School Academic Administrative Assistant
Dragons in Space: Exploring our Earth Project
Everyone is Invited to a Balloon Launch!
October 29th or 30th & November 12th or 13th 
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It’s all dependent on weather!
Mr. Silvestri & Dr. Boser will be attending this launch

Little Dragon's Kicked Off Summer with an Ice Cream Party
Happy official first day of Summer session, Little Dragons!