If you have found your way to our website, you are a seeker. Those already in our family have come to Glenelg for many different reasons, but in general I think we have come here to declare our independence.

Surveying the educational landscape these days often requires the skill of an experienced navigator and the courage of an ancient mariner, a willingness to take the risks inherent in exploring uncertain shorelines. What are we seeking? Succinctly put, we seek the “right” school for our children. We define “right” as synonymous with independent. If you hope to find a school where excellence is anticipated and is defined as supporting each student in his or her efforts to do their very best, a community where the partnership between school and family is a core element and an expected resource, you have steered in the right direction.
For 65 years, Glenelg Country School has been an educational community offering exceptional academics in a caring, family oriented environment. We strive to value each individual in a supportive community, seeking challenge, opportunity and balance for all our children. Integrity, mutual respect, responsibility and service underscore our community held values, and critical inquiry, creative exploration and independent thinking define our educational focus. We set our standards high, our expectations strong, and we provide personal support along the way. GCS is about options and opportunities. The arts are alive at our school, and physical activity and athletics are valued and encouraged. Ours is a dynamic community where 2 year olds and 18 year olds share the same campus and values—where the quest for balance is woven into the intrinsic fabric of our mission. An outstanding faculty and beautiful campus with excellent facilities add to the overall quality of the Glenelg experience.
Of course, this independence comes with a significant responsibility. Therein lies the essential fuel for our endeavor—the energy that comes from synergy. We take the “response” in responsibility seriously and believe the mutual efforts required to support young people demand everyone’s fullest attention. Schools are about change and growth, about inspiration as well as perspiration. For those seeking educational excellence and involvement in the lives of their children, for those willing to accept that responsibility, for those looking at education from a different point of view, welcome home.


Gregory J. Ventre
Head of School
An independent school serving students from age 2 through grade 12 in Howard County, Maryland.