Middle School | Gr. 6-8

Distinguished Programs

In our classes, we are taught to respect ourselves, our teachers, and our friends. We learn how to communicate with a team and how to listen to everyone's thoughts. We go on expeditions and use these  skills by participating in team development courses. I feel confident that I am a good leader. 

Caveny M. '23

Elective Program
High-interest elective courses such as Musical Theater, Visual Storytelling, Dollars and Sense, and Weather Forecasting foster a love of learning and expose students to a wide variety of topics.

Upper School Alignment
Our schedule alignment with the Upper School gives our students access to next-level course offerings such as Engineering, Prop Making, and Introduction to Chinese.  Regular interactions with Upper School students provide Middle School students with positive adolescent role models.

Cross-Curricular Learning
With interdisciplinary projects such as the annual STEAM Fair or the 8th Grade Monument Project, students have the opportunity to make connections between their courses and to apply their learning to real-world issues. 

Public Speaking
Students are explicitly taught the skills needed to communicate with confidence and poise in a variety of situations through authentic experiences including our Barlow Public Speaking Contest and the Oral History Project.

Student-Driven Clubs and Academic Teams
Students have the opportunity to lead through faculty-sponsored student-driven clubs and academic teams, including Student Council, MathCounts, History Bee, and Battle of the Books.

Departments & Courses

An independent school serving students from age 2 through grade 12 in Howard County, Maryland.