Upper School | Gr. 9-12

Distinguished Programs

The special thing about Glenelg Country School is the feeling of family. It is a community where teachers and students can collaborate and connect not only on an educational level, but on a personal level too.

Michael D.
Class of '18
Global Scholars Program
Students have the opportunity to apply to our Global Scholars Program and graduate with distinction in one of five areas of study. Through specific coursework and experiential discovery, students will build a portfolio of work they will defend before faculty. 

Students may earn distinction in one of five areas:
• Aesthetics & Culture
• Entrepreneurship
• Convergent Science
• Global Leadership
• Technology, Engineering, and Design

Students can pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in our comprehensive STEAM program. Specialized subjects such as Civil Engineering and Architecture, Software Development, 3D Art, and Forensics allow students to refine their focus in preparation for college.  

Our new Roesch Exploratory Learning Initiative positions teachers as guides while students take control of their own learning. Utilizing campus resources, such as the Gould Observatory, students will learn how to map the moon's surface, calculate the velocity of sunspots, launch and track high-altitude balloons, and more.  

Foundations Program
Ninth and tenth-grade students build essential academic and life skills as they discover the power of technology and information, grapple with the impact of the environment and finances on their lives, and advocate for contemporary global and local issues.

Integrated Humanities 
Through our integrative approach to the Humanities, students acquire the abstract thinking, research, writing, and seminar skills that are essential to their future success. The Humanities Capstone Senior Project allows students to pursue their passion in a research project of their own design. 

Academic Support
The Upper School offers a multi-layered approach that helps all students appreciate their learning style, become self-advocates, and achieve their fullest potential as learners. 

Club Opportunities
We offer over 30 clubs that meet weekly. Popular clubs include Chess, Debate & Seminar, Dragon TV, Film Appreciation, Model Congress, Robotics, and TED Talks. 

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