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Promoting an International Experience
Glenelg Country School is proud of our international students and how they inform and shape the worldview of our school. We typically enroll 30-35 International Students each year in grades 5th-12th.  

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  • Minimum Application Requirements

    Below are some of our minimum application requirements for International Applicants. In addition to the requirements below, applicants are assessed on their academic strengths, interest in being involved in our community, as well as strength of character, just like all of our applicants are.
    Grades 6th-8th
                   -TOEFL (75+) or TOEFL Jr (750+)
                         -OR Duolingo English Language Test (100+)
                   -ISEE or SSAT
                   -Teacher Recommendation Letters
    -Transcripts and Grade reports for the last three years
    -In Person or Online Interview
    Grades 9th-10th
                   -TOFEL score of 80 +
                         -OR Duolingo English Language Test (105+)
                   -ISEE or SSAT
                   -Teacher Recommendation Letters
                   -Transcripts and Grade reports for the last three years
                   - In Person or Online Interview
    All of our students are required to go through an admissions interview as part of our application process. If any international applicant is currently living and/or enrolled at a school in the United States, we strongly recommend they visit our campus in person, at which time an interview can be conducted. International students not living in the U.S. can request for the interview to be performed online through Skype, WeChat, or other similar video conferencing service.
    For more information please contact our International Student Coordinator at (410)-531-7345 or
  • Academic and Linguistic Support

    International Students have access to additional school provided resources in order to ensure their success and happiness at our school. English Language Support electives are offered during the school day to help our non-native English speaking students become more proficient in academic English as well as support them with their classwork for the remainder of their academic classes.   Additionally, Tutoring is available after school to all of our International Students. We have two teachers available to work with International Students after school, one of which is our ESL certified International Student Coordinator.  
  • Health Insurance

    Our school requires all of our International Students to have health insurance. We facilitate providing all of our International Students with health insurance and assist them in locating and using local health service providers.
  • Homestay Assistance and Personalized Support

    In addition to academic support, our International Student Coordinator (ISC) is also available to help facilitate homestay arrangements as well as provide continuous support to all of our International Students.   Our International Student Coordinator personally visits every homestay and provides oversight and assistance to students, families, and host families. All international students applying for grades Kindergarten – 7th must be living with a biological parent or close relative.

    Glenelg Country School has a partnership with The Cambridge Network who offers a comprehensive homestay program specifically for our students.  If you need assistance in finding a local homestay, we recommend you look into their services. 

    More information regarding The Cambridge Network's Homestay Program and how to apply for it can be found using the links below.

    Homestay Program Information

    Homestay Program Information (Chinese)

  • I-20 Issuance

    Glenelg Country School is a SEVP Certified school and is able to issue I-20’s to enrolled international students studying at our school.  
  • International Student Fee

    We charge an International Student Fee of $4,250 for the 2020-2021 school year. This fee covers the services mentioned above. International students are charged the same tuition amount that all of our students are. Tuition costs for the school year can be found here.  
  • Social Gatherings and Cultural Excursions

    We offer several excursions and social events for our International Students throughout the school year. From Fall Pumpkin Picking and Game Nights, to “Tastes of Home” cooking Parties and Chinese Spring Festival celebrations, the events we plan and offer differ every year.
  • The Cambridge Network

    Glenelg Country School has partnered with the Cambridge Network for recruitment, enrollment, and homestay program opportunities.  If you would like to apply to Glenelg Country School through the Cambridge Network please click here

    International Families are not required to apply through The Cambridge Network, but are welcome to utilize their assistance and services designed to assist international families and students through out the application process and to succeed through out their academic career.

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