Green School

The importance of being green

Glenelg Country School is committed to fulfilling our Mission by offering a curriculum and environment that will allow each student to develop an advanced ecological and aesthetic awareness, and global perspective.

In 2009, the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education awarded our school with the Maryland Green School Certification. To earn this honor, Glenelg Country School demonstrated the holistic use of our campus, recognizing the need to reduce consumption, restore habitats and make better “green” decisions that go beyond the classroom and campus environment.
Today each of our school divisions focus on different aspects of being green. Lower School students learn about recycling by identifying objects that can be recycled and placing them in their respective bins. Further activities include:
  • Establishing a garden and maintaining it throughout the year
  • Raising money for the Chesapeake Bay and Earth Foundations
  • Studying the make-up of landfills
  • Traveling to the Howard County Conservatory to learn about the life cycles of campus wildlife
  • Working with a Maryland State Forester to identify Champion Trees on campus
  • Holding trash competitions to see which grade wastes the least at lunchtime
  • Leading Checkerspot Butterfly habitat restoration efforts at the campus pond
In Middle School, acts of being green transition to leadership roles:
  • Spearhead, organize and handle the recycling for the division
  • Grow bay grasses for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts
  • Study water quality
  • Make solar ovens
  • Utilize the campus weather station
Finally, as leaders, Upper School students play an integral role in defining green practices for the entire school:
  • Establishing the school-wide recycling program
  • Utilizing biodegradable lunch trays
An independent school serving students from age 2 through grade 12 in Howard County, Maryland.