Community Service & Global Outreach

Deepening students' knowledge and understanding of the world around them is a vital component to a Glenelg Country School Education. Our comprehensive global education and service learning programs teach students how to engage in social causes locally, nationally, and globally. 

This heightened awareness and worldview inspires students to become responsible civic-minded citizens and contributing members of our global society. Through community service, cultural exchanges, and trips abroad, our students apply their knowledge to make a difference in their community and afar. 

Signature Programs by Division

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  • Lower School

    Our Lower School is aligned with the Marshall Legacy Institute's (MLI) initiative to restore hope, alleviate suffering, and nurture stability in war-torn countries. Through MLI's Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS), students learn about the international land mine problems affecting many countries. To help, Gleng Country School students sponsor life-saving land mines without harm. Students have established video conferencing relationships with students living in mine-affected Bosnia, Yemen, and Afghanistan.
  • Middle School

    Bridging public and private school communities through service-learning and leadership development, Maryland Youth Partners in Change (MYPIC) enables students to grow into informed advocates for social issues and to become leaders in shaping a well-balanced and productive, multicultural world. A three-year enterprise, sixth grade students begin with an introduction to service learning and relationship building. Seventh grade students progress into social advocacy and homeless awareness and eighth grade students graduate from the program knowledgeable in environmental issues and social action.
  • Upper School

    Heightened intercultural awareness, respect, empathy, and understanding are hallmarks of all students that graduate from Glenelg Country School. The annual Youth in Philanthropy competition allows students to cultivate these traits as they create their own local, national, or international service project. Student leaders in this program are honored with recognition and financial awards for their service. 

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