Alumni Spotlights

Anna Walsh '09 Named Multiplatform Editor at the Washington Post

Upon graduation she became the sports copy editor for the York Dispatch.  It was during this time she began to work with Know Your IX, an advocacy group dealing with sexual violence. 
In 2014, Anna moved on to The City Paper where she immediately expanded her role to Eats and Drinks editor and copy editor, meanwhile continuing her outstanding work in researching and reporting on campus sexual violence.  She developed into a great resource and mentor for fellow editors and young journalists.  In 2016, at the national conference for the American Copy Editors Society, she presented and advised conference attendees about the statistics and best practices for covering sexual violence in newspapers.  Her work investigating sexual-violence policies and universities, and her experience volunteering with Know Your IX, has been as a great resource for other journalists.
After a stint as a proofreader at Stansberry Research, a financial news publishing company, Anna was named multiplatform editor for the editorial department at the Washington Post. In a recent conversation, Anna shared how her time at GCS has a continued role in her life today. 
How did/does GCS play a role in your success today?
“While I was at GCS I began to write for the Cappies.  It seemed like a good way to find a place for myself, a nervous kid in her first year at a new school.” Walsh also said, “The integrated curriculum and introduction to original research at an early age really prepared me for college and my work today.”
Reflecting on what was almost ten years ago, what stand out the most about you time at GCS?
“The teachers! The teachers at GCS are some of the best people I have ever met in my life.  They are so passionate about their subject matter.  They genuinely care and want to be there for their students. They give you room to experiment and explore what you want.” 
What advice would you give to any student starting at GCS today? “Take advantage of the opportunities.  You are really lucky.  It is a well-resourced and staffed school and you can do so much if you take advantage of the opportunities they (GCS) offer.”
Advice to students who want to get involved in journalism?
“Get involved in your student newspaper.  It is the best way to get experience.  I took two journalism classes in college, everything I learned was through the hands-on experience of the student newspapers. It is especially important when applying for internships.  It shows initiative, basic experience and an understanding of deadlines."
What started out as a way to ‘find herself’ at a new school turned into a passion and career. The GCS community is proud to be a part of the process.
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