Tag Day Supports World Central Kitchen

Known as the "Food First Responder" for human-made and natural disasters, WCK has provided thousands of meals for people in need. Acting quickly and leveraging local resources, the staff of World Central Kitchen provided 250,000 freshly made meals to the Bahamian people.

In addition to a global response, World Central Kitchen has served many of the states in our union. The organization provided 400,000 meals to Californians after the wildfires in 2017 and 2018. Plus, 100,000 meals were given to federal employees struggling after the government shutdown in Washington, D.C., in 2018.

David Weeks, community service director at Glenelg Country School, contacted WCK to discuss the organization's present financial needs. He learned that funds for food and transportation would be most appreciated. Mr. Weeks discussed ways that the school community could engage in the delivery of meals in support of those who are recovering from disasters.

WCK continues its work in Puerto Rico, with "Plow to Plate," a program that provides food resiliency for those vulnerable to future disasters. Mr. Weeks is exploring opportunities of sending a Glenelg Country School delegation to Puerto Rico to assist in the implementation of this valuable program.

World Central Kitchen very much appreciated the donation raised by Tag Day and sends their gratitude to all participants.
An independent school serving students from age 2 through grade 12 in Howard County, Maryland.