Improving Masks for Health Care Providers

Anne Wooleyhand
Braden K., a fifth-grade student at GCS, saw a need and knew he could do something to help. Many of his family friends are healthcare providers, and several talked about the discomfort they experienced wearing masks. Some were too tight, and others experienced irritation behind their ears. Braden listened and wondered if there was something he could do to help. It was then that he came up with an idea. Using his 3D printer, Braden created mask adaptors, which hooks onto elastic and holds the mask in place, preventing irritation behind the ears.
The mask adaptors have been an enormous success. A family friend who works at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Washington Medical Center as a nurse, wrote, “OMG! Almost everyone wanted one, and I had just enough for everyone that was working with me! They all said it helped, and they were very thankful.” She has requested 20 more additional adaptors.
Braden has been printing mask adaptors nonstop during the pandemic. It takes him 15 hours to make eight at a time, and he has made and distributed more than 200 adaptors to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center, Frederick Health Hospital, and several additional locations.
Braden is happy that his hard work has paid off to help others, and the GCS community is proud of his efforts.
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