Thomas Jefferson Visits the Middle & Upper Schools

Through the generosity of the Dragon Dialogue committee, on November 28, our 8th grade and 11th grade U.S. History students had an opportunity to host Thomas Jefferson—as portrayed by Steve Edenbo, a member of the American Historical Theatre.
In the Middle School, Mr. Jefferson used colonial toys to illustrate how the ideas of great thinkers like Cicero, Locke, and Bacon were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence and set forth the ideals of the country. He called for our 8th graders to continue to strive to fulfill those ideals as our next generation of leaders.

In the Upper School, students peppered Mr. Jefferson with questions about his time, his successes, and his failures based on their studies of his writings and United States history. The subsequent discussions informed the audience about Jefferson’s time and our own in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Mr. Jefferson reiterated his belief that each generation stands on the shoulders of its predecessors and is able to see farther and must accomplish more in its pursuit of the ideals penned in the Declaration of Independence.
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