Come back to the Country to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. Kids welcome!

WHO:  All GCS Alumni; especially classes ending with 4 and 9.  Children, spouses, parents, grandparents, and friends welcome too!

WHERE:  GCS Manor House and Lawn

WHEN:  Saturday, May 11, 4:30–7:30pm

WHAT:  Tasty low country seafood boil and North Carolina Pork BBQ, beer & wine, Hawaiian-style shaved ice by Kona Ice, live music, special guests, games, and activities for all.  Seafood boil and BBQ provided by Delmarva Boil Company, co-owned by Will Jenkins '10. Beer from local farm brewery Waredaca Brewing Company, owned and operated by the Butts family (Steph '01 and Devon '05). Live music from local band Loose Ties, with Soren Mattson '09.

DRESS:  Casual

COST:  $15 per guest with online registration by Monday, May 6. Children free. Walk-ins welcome; tickets $20 at the door. Members of graduation classes 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be admitted without charge, but we ask that you still register if you plan on attending.

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Who's Coming?

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  • Faculty

    Greg Ventre
    Cate Barry
    Monique Zastrow
    Evelyn Johnson
    Chris Shematek '98
    Memi Pluznik
    Walter Mattson
    Siobhan Tuohey
    Julia Magee - Elg
    Kevin Boland
    David Weeks
    Debra DeVoe
    Peter Trau
    Elizabeth Walsh
    Denise Rosson - Glen
    Carolyn Cradler

  • Class of 1974

    Jonathan Zengerle - Glen
  • Class of 2003

    Aaron Tolentino - Elg
    Amelia Wilson
    Dan Ketner
  • Class of 2005

    Antonio Ervin
  • Class of 2007

    Sebastian Weeks
    David Berg
  • Class of 2008

    Joseph Tangires - Elg
    Evan Williams - Elg
  • Class of 2009

    Jen El-Haddad
    Erika Olney - Elg
    Camille Hackney - Glen
    Courtney Elizabeth
    Sarah Councill - Elg
    Priya Yadav - Glen
  • Class of 2010

    Jimmy Tangires
    Weston McClung - Glen
    Will Jenkins
    Jonathan Shaham - Glen
    Joseph Clark - Glen
  • Class of 2011

    Zachary Wootton - Elg
    Ashley Hayes - Glen
  • Class of 2014

    Logan Smith - Glen
    Gabby Tharkur - Glen
    Kelly Johnson - Elg
  • Class of 2015

    Aidan Danoff - Glen
    Billy Carrington - Glen
    Pamela Eisner - Elg
  • Class of 2018

    Ashley Good - Elg
    Carly Schiller - Glen
    Zena Abro - Glen
    Sean St Cyr - Glen
    Yusheng Zhang - Elg
    April Merdon - Elg
    Michael Diangelo - Elg
    Drew Seipel - Glen
    Rey Robinson - Elg
    Zohaa Awan - Glen
    Priyanka Pandya - Glen
    Carrie Campbell - Elg
  • Guest

    Frank Holtman - Elg
    Michael Heigh - Elg
    John Wilson
    Marie Ketner
    Monica Zengerle - Glen
    Michelle Paddy - Elg
    Debi Trau
    Duncan Trau
    Faith Tully
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